Tolerance at lunchtimes

Lunchtime is one of the best times of the day. A break from work. Time to unwind. Friends, food, coffee, peace, shopping. It’s what you make it. I like a quiet lunch when I can read or do some writing with a coffee and a nibble and I prefer to go into Norwich City Centre to do this.

One problem – the other people. They get in your way, they have no manners, they take up all the seats and guess what near Christmas my favourite coffee places are rammed. My relaxed mood disappears and grumpy old man comes out with a lot of ‘fuck sakes’ under my breath.

I would have said for many years that you should ban the over 60s from having lunch between 12 and 2 but now I am getting nearer to that category my opinion is wavering and why can’t I chill?

Therefore my mission must be to find quieter places and/or relax more. So far this year it’s been 50/50 and I find an early morning coffee a nicer experience.

Answers on a postcard!

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